Our journey

7 Vision started out as a company that provides diabetic eye and foot screenings to the silver generation in Singapore. For the past years, we have worked closely with government agencies and other PCNs to provide our services to over 200 clinics in Singapore. Our retinal screenings go beyond detecting diabetic-related eye diseases; they can also detect other forms of eye disease. This has led many companies to request our services for their staff and over time to cater to their needs, we have expanded our services to corporate health screening, eye screening and mental wellness.

At 7 Vision, we pride ourselves on our many years of experience in the health screening industry. Our team of professional and passionate staff are always ready to provide the best possible service. If you are looking for a company that can provide quality health screenings, look no further than 7 Vision. Contact us today to find out more about what we can do for you.

First mobile Diabetic Eye and Foot screener in clinics
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Our mission

Provide affordable preventive care to consumers in hopes of them getting early treatment for any potential diseases.

Our Approach

7 Vision is committed to providing an enhanced experience for our clients. We believe that technology and innovation should be used to further simplify processes for our clients and we were the first to use mobile diabetic eye and foot screening solutions at clinics in Singapore.


At 7 Vision we have the unique benefit of being able to leverage information from working with healthcare providers and patients. In order to create valuable insights for our clients, we focus on understanding the past and applying this knowledge in order to build intuitive healthcare solutions.


At 7 Vision, we believe the patient comes first. Our approach to providing care is multi-disciplinary, providing patients with access to a complete menu of care options.


At 7 Vision, we believe in your experience. We think about your experience, we design it, and then we execute on it. From the moment you walk into your first session to every interaction you have with our staff and our programs, we want you to feel like YOU are the most important person in our world. We’re not here just to serve; we’re here to serve those who serve others.

Our people
We are 7 Vision