Our Services include

We provide 7 Pillars of services catering to all your employees’ wellness needs. Majority of our services are performed onsite at your premises to provide convenience and increased productivity to your company.

Details of our Services
Corporate Health screening

7 Vision offers innovative corporate health screening packages to enable you to build a healthier and happier workplace. Our services are designed to provide convenience to your staff, allowing them easily check their health without needing to take any leave. Find out more today!

Retina Screening

Screening your staff for eye diseases can be completed in the comfort of your office, no need to send them out. Our trained staff and ophthalmologist will screen and grade their eyes with retinal imaging. This way you can detect any signs of eye disease at an early stage and ensure that your staff are well informed about these illnesses.

Mental Wellness

7 vision's mental well-being program is designed with the employee in mind and offers techniques to promote positive thinking, emotional management and stress relief. It's a comprehensive approach that can be actively cultivated in daily life, from the workplace to home settings, to promote mental well-being and improved productivity throughout our day.

Prescription Glasses

It’s time to take a closer look at your eyes. We believe that vision care is integral to your healthy lifestyle, so we provide eye exams and prescription eyewear at your office. Our on-site service makes it easy for employees to get their vision checked and their prescription adjusted or simply update their glasses. Contact us now and find out how easy it can be having your vision health needs met without having to leave work.


7 Vision provides high quality, affordable diagnostics. We are committed to improving lives by providing medical imaging at an affordable price. Our patients receive complete, accurate information at our imaging centres. Our goal is to ensure that each patient is informed and confident in their treatment decisions, so they can make informed healthcare choices.


Why not try health talks? This can provide a way to pass on health information, which may complement more participatory approaches. Health talks can be effective in supporting your employees’ wellbeing and can bring a stop on the problems they are facing.

Specialist care

We understand that if you have been diagnosed with a serious illness, it will bring with it stress and anxiety. This is why we provide specialist aftercare services for our clients to ensure that they can get the appropriate help after the discovery of illnesses like cancer, retina issues or other health risks.