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    Resilience - one's ability to bounce back from difficulties quickly. But what it is beyond, is the inner strength and dialogue when facing any given situations with an outcome that differs from one's expectations. Do you see failures as opportunities for growth to prepare you for the next big thing? Or do you feel defeated, be your worse critic when facing challenges? How can we then learn to have a healthy inner dialogue to help us get past feelings of being overwhelmed? To be able to embrace experiences we deem as bad lessons to help us grow, becoming more resilient than before? For the "teachers" in life, are what we so choose to learn and recognise as lessons from the experiences we face in life.

    In this talk, we will explore:
    - Definition of resilience
    - Main components of resilience
    - Insights to your resilience profile
    - Two main coping strategies for resilience
    - Implement tips to enhance resilience