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  • Dealing With Workplace Anxiety

    Anxiety and stress cause more sick days, illness and presenteeism than physical ailments and it is estimated to cost Singapore's economy about S$3.2billion. When employees fail to challenge and address their anxiety, it can serious implications to both their emotional wellbeing and workplace performance. In some cases, this could result in missing valuable opportunities and promotions, reduction in work hours, salary reduction, and even job losses. How do we differentiate anxiety with the avoidance or the lack of interest in the job? What can we do to help our co-workers with anxiety manage their jobs and to function in the workplace system?

    In this talk, we will explore:
    - Understanding workplace anxiety and gain insights to triggers of anxiety
    - Ways to get rid of your negative automatic thoughts (NATs)
    - The secret to unlocking the think-feel-do cycle
    - Learn grounding strategies to abort a panic attack
    - Vital deep breathing technique to regain control
    - Tips and coping strategies with anxiety at workplace and to break out of workplace triangling